Strong Support for Small Business through our PA CareerLink®

Small business, independent of industry, makes up more than 80% of Delaware County’s local business community.  With few resources and time to train new workers, it is critical that the PACareerLink®system be knowledgeable about the current and future skill needs of these businesses and capable of connecting them to workers who posses the specific skills these businesses need.  This is accomplished through the PA CareerLink® Business Services Team, led by the Commerce Center.  Through this linkage, we are able to maintain an ongoing understanding of the needs of our small business customers and to develop appropriate programs and services.

The partnership between the Commerce Center and the WIB also serves as a means of supporting the creation and development of small business and emerging industries.  The Commerce Center works closely with many local and regional agencies to bring together a continuum of services for small business, include workforce services through the PA CareerLink®.

Over the past few years, the Business Services Team has worked to implement a Business Services Operational Plan.  With this foundation in place, the team is focusing on increasing our ability to measure the quality and effectiveness of our services to support continued improvement as well as continuing to develop connections to and provide support for local small business.

Business Services are provided through our partnership with the Delaware County Commerce Center, which leads an intra-agency staff team.  The services they offer include: