Youth Council Mission & Objectives


To guide policy for youth that strengthens linkages and develops a coordinated youth investment system. This youth investment system embraces a wide range of programs and services from the K-12 system, post-secondary educational institutions, community-based organizations and efforts to promote the personal and workforce-related development of all local youth.


Committee Structure:

  • The Delaware County WIB's Youth Council will include active members of the existing Youth Investment Council and active participants in Project 720 and Heath Careers Week.
  • The goal is to have a majority of business people serving on the Youth Council, so additional private sector members may need to be identified.
  • The Delaware County WIB's Youth Council will, at minimum, convene quarterly meeting more frequently as needed. In addition, workgroups will be formed around planning and carrying out specific project areas such as Youth Awards, Project 720 and Health Careers Week.